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The stunning lushness of Uganda combined with spectacular landscapes, provides the setting for some of the Africa’s most memorable safari experiences. Rwanda also has a rich geography with mountains, savannas, and many lakes and has one of the 20 deepest lakes in the world, Lake Kivu. There are number of activities you can enjoy on your African Safari and most of these, if not all, have been rated excellent by visitors from all parts of the world.

Game viewing which ranks the highest in East Africa is an extra-ordinary experience. The great wild beast migration in the Masai Mara (Kenya) and Serengeti (Tanzania) national parks are one of the 8th wonders of the world. The Mountain Gorillas which are a rare & endangered species found in East and central Africa. Gorilla Tracking as an activity has received a huge international market especially in Uganda & Rwanda in the Volcanoes national park, Virunga Mountains and Bwindi impenetrable forests. Primate tracking too has received a certain amount of attention mostly in Nyungwe forests, Rwanda and Kibale forest national park, Uganda.

A number of Adrenaline activities like Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee jumping, Sky diving, mountain climbing also are a great thing to try it. The world’s second longest river – River Nile which flows from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt has a number of these activities taking place at it’s source in Jinja, Uganda. The Nile also has a number of falls, the most dramatic ones are the Murchison falls, which lie at the northern end of the albertine rift valley. They are considered to be one of the world’s greatest waterfalls. Bird-watching, also known as birding is another interesting activity for most travelers who are interested in birds. Uganda has over 1000 bird species and Rwanda over 700 species making them the most famous birding destinations in East Africa. One way of relaxing while on your safari in Africa is to take a Launch trip down-stream the Nile or any river. You can enjoy these at the famous Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth Park and on the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls park, Uganda. Hiking East Africa’s tallest mountains i.e. Rwenzori, Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya to the highest peaks, such a wonderful mystical challenge.

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