“I’ve used a lot of buses in my recent travels. The most unforgettable was probably this insane night route from Kampala to Hoima by the “Truck-like” Bus provided by . It was a 25 seater, , equiped with full time AC, 4X4 Wheel drive, three pointer seat belts, Automatic door and stairs like those on a bombadier #AIRUGANDA, 32 inch smart screen with the latest movies and state of the art speaker system that best suited our cinema experience. The set off point was where we waited for all the members to arrive with their faces all full of joy and excitement. This time the loud rattling around the big holes in the ground wasn’t felt the entire night thanks to the high end bus accompanied with a variety of entertainment activities like movies, silent disco with mixes from djs on board like , some snacks not minding what was happening outside for  the whole night along the way until we reached our final destination where some of the members were worn-out and sleepy but could not mind the sound of the music in their ears at the Club stop over as we reached Hoima Town. The ladies perhaps like to shake booties to their favorite tunes, it was not yet 30mins after stop over and —kalaboom! they rocked the dance floor.

“Guys where do we sleep?.. The party boy asks as I kept listening to myself. Hoima resort, she replied from the crowd then later headed to the resort for our night.

The early risers chirping, morning sun beams peeking through the clouds, birds about their morning rituals, a gentle cool breeze, golden light everywhere, covering natural and man-made creations, full of beauty and magic, filled with the promise of a new beginning. Breakfast being served by beautiful and trained staff, took breakfast in a hurry in order to our next destination- Lake Albert a wonderful view of the game reserve and the Albertine blue waters. The lake is good place for sightseeing with breathtaking views at the lakeshores which can be explored while enjoying the cool breeze. Some of my crew members enjoyed the waters by swimming like as if they had taken decades without showering at home. But so amazing! Bird watching where some were appreciating God’s creatures in the air and singing melody, wow I love nature! Boat cruising, sport fishing and game driving etc. There was so much fun, excitement, love and sharing like we had already reached heaven oh My God!! Until late night. But nevertheless we had to return to our beautiful resort because we had our departure in the morning.

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