Overall, the Jinja-Makwanzi trip wouldn’t have been excellent without her. That cold morning, saw folks settle themselves on those absorbing wooden seats of the Kyadondo Rugby grounds as others wandered around in the field while eagerly waiting for the trip to start. Those who escaped from home had already waited the maximum time and were at a risk of being discovered and taken back home. “Beeeep Beep.  The Hino Bus-Truck rolls in ten minutes later in the middle of the impatient crowd, Sees charming NTV socialite Lynda Danne aboard as the Somarah and Livity dudes amplify their excitement- Silent Disco, friends catch-up inside the Bus-Truck on the road to the Eastern district of Jinja. At the Jinja Rugby Grounds, the night fell with everyone already bushed, with enough fun, drinks, music, and more fascinating journey emotions.

Day 2. Team Lynda Danne Kicked off with a trip to Makwanzi Falls, Celebrities front lining the forest walk with a guide along the river banks, the falls, swimming and Lunch in Jinja Town then a night out Partying, fun, silent disco, a walk through jinja town and citing Party Animals of the Busoga region. The cold night ended at the camp site with camp fire, storytelling, Dejaying, Acapela, sipping coffee and finally, bourbon while at the shores.

Like the last supper of the disciples, here I recount why the sun rises from the East again and again, the food adventure including the most heard of street snack around Uganda, the Rolex in my breakfast pack, I was prepared to head back to the capital. Yes we loved it! the incredible escapade that went far beyond what they thought it would be in one of Uganda’s first class tour compatible Bus-Truck. Book your trip today.

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